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Massage Services

Therapies Description Rate
Common Man Classic Employing light to medium pressure, this Swedish style massage is ideal for everyone to increase circulation, relieve tension and promote relaxation.
  • 60 minutes $85
  • 90 minutes $115
Uncommon Aromatherapy Enjoy our C-MAN classic massage with the addition of customized essential oils targeted to your needs. A delightful antidote to stress.
  • 60 minutes $100
  • 90 minutes $130
White Birch Wrap Massage Our White Birch Wrap Massage is designed exclusively for The Spa by a local herbalist to represent the history of the property as the birch wood mill it once was. Eight New Hampshire herbs are combined to create a detoxifying elixir that offers many health benefits. This signature treatment includes three services for total relaxation and revitalization of the body and mind. It begins with an herbal warm up in our sauna, followed by layers of warmth soaked in our herbal elixir and wrapped around your body while you receive a face and scalp massage. The treatment is complete with a full-body massage using a custom-blended herbal oil.

Upgrade your massage to a deep-tissue for $15

  • 90 minutes $145
De-stressor This concentrated massage focuses on the back, neck and shoulders using a deeper pressure to release tension. This is not a full body massage.
  • 30 minutes $60
Deep Tissue This personalized massage focuses on relieving muscle tension utilizing individual massage techniques using medium to deep pressure.

Optimize your results by adding one of our therapeutic massage enhancements.

  • 60 minutes $100
  • 90 minutes $130
Hot Stone A luxurious massage utilizing natural tools from Mother Nature. Warm stones are placed strategically under and on your body for complete relaxation as your therapist incorporates warm stones into a full-body massage. Feel your muscles melt and your tension disappear.
  • 60 minutes $115
Pregnancy Massage This massage is specifically tailored to the expectant mother’s needs.  Proper positioning and support ensure comfort and safety for mother and baby. (After first trimester.)
  • 60 minutes $90
Raindrop This full-body massage utilizes 12 specific essential oils placed along the spine to aid in deep relaxation and relieving muscle tension. Moist heat is applied to the back and special attention is given to the back and feet allowing the therapeutic properties of the oils to circulate through the body. Excellent for chronic back problems.
  • 60 minutes $115
Bamboo In China, stalks of bamboo still symbolize eternal youth, strength, prosperity, and peace.  Enjoy this full body massage utilizing warm bamboo sticks to promote circulation, lymphatic drainage and provide a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.
  • 60 minutes $115
Custom Spa Massage Utilizing techniques specific to your areas of concern, your therapist will customize a treatment for you.  Adjusting pressure and using tools to aid in optimal benefits. Choose up to three different types of modalities to enhance your experience.  Scalp massage, hot stones, aromatherapy, back scrub, and self-heating mud pack.
  • 90 minutes $150
Massage Enhancements:

  • Hot Stones – $15
  • Aromatherapy – $10
  • Scalp Massage – $10
  • Back Scrub – $15
  • Self-Heating Mud Pack – $30 (per area)
  • Warm Bamboo to Back – $15

What is Self-Heating Mud? A freeze-dried seaweed that aids in promoting deep tissue detoxification and remineralization.  Can be applied to problem areas, or to the feet or back for instant relaxation. A great enhancement to any massage or facial for added benefits.

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